1. Breathing Weed
  2. I Get High
  3. One Time ft. NoEmotion & 2Bongz
  4. Cake For The Pound
  5. Smoke Wit My People: Sour Diesel
  6. Take A Hit
  7. Coast Of Reefa
  8. Sweet Swisher Smoke
  9. Til I'm High ft. Big Fee
10. Take Another Hit ft. Steve Elkin
11. Mary Go Round: Smokubus
12. Real Spliff

13. Kush & Candy
14. Prohibition
15. I Told You
16. Midnight Rider
17. Shout Outs
18. Smoke Wit My People REMIX

ft. Stylo Tha Don, Big Fee, 2Bongz,

MC of Words of Mouth, Theotis Nekau

Music 2 Smoke 2 vol. 2


The official Wil E. Haze rolling papers #SlowBurners have arrived!