1. Breathing Weed
  2. I Get High
  3. One Time ft. NoEmotion & 2Bongz
  4. Cake For The Pound
  5. Smoke Wit My People: Sour Diesel
  6. Take A Hit
  7. Coast Of Reefa
  8. Sweet Swisher Smoke
  9. Til I'm High ft. Big Fee
10. Take Another Hit ft. Steve Elkin
11. Mary Go Round: Smokubus
12. Real Spliff

13. Kush & Candy
14. Prohibition
15. I Told You
16. Midnight Rider
17. Shout Outs
18. Smoke Wit My People REMIX

ft. Stylo Tha Don, Big Fee, 2Bongz,

MC of Words of Mouth, Theotis Nekau


The official Wil E. Haze rolling papers #SlowBurners have arrived!



Music 2 Smoke 2 vol. 2